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Spring 2023

Courses at the University of North Carolina

English 403: Rhetoric and Social Justice

How do communities resist and challenge oppression through writing, art, and music? This course examines rhetorical practices (broadly defined) utilized by individuals and communities seeking to progress toward social justice. This class will use a curated installation designed by Dr. Epps-Robertson with assistance from Ackland staff, at the University of North Carolina’s campus art museum, Ackland Art Museum. The works in this installation will invite discussion about the role creative arts have in helping communities work for social justice. The exhibition, readings, and listening sessions will act as a thread to connect our inquiry around art, music, writing, and social justice. 

ENGL 283: Life Writing

This course focuses on life writing, including various autobiographical forms such as memoirs, travel writing, and autoethnography. This course will involve reading and writing creative non-fiction, which means you will write about your own lives, selves, and experiences. This class will invite inspiration from various authors, musicians, and artists as we consider what it means to document memories, experiences, connections/disconnections, and spaces that shape our identities. Assigned books, albums, and reflective prompts will serve as potential models for class projects.

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